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In the pressTeacher's Bid to Rescind Retirement Granted After City Waits Years to Address It

“Benjamin Dictor of Eisner & Dictor in Manhattan, counsel to Joyce, said Monday that the panel’s decision represents “a long overdue outcome for Mr. Joyce.””

Report: 1 In 20 NY Workers Get Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

"For lawyers who represent victims of wage theft, these numbers are not surprising," said labor lawyer Ben Dictor of the firm Eisner & Dictor. "The government would never tolerate a crime of this magnitude if the victims were the wealthy business owners instead of the working class."

What the Supreme Court decision means for workers — especially if you work at a private company

““It’s giving the green light to people like Harvey Weinstein,” Benjamin Dictor, an attorney who represents labor unions, said. “An employer [can now] force employees into binding arbitration, where they know they have significantly more power than the employee and significantly more resources and can hide their misdeeds.” (Editor’s note: Dictor’s clients include the Mic editorial union.)”

College of New Rochelle faculty laid off amid financial crisis gets favorable court ruling

"The judge found that the college's failure to follow the [faculty handbook procedures] ... was irrational, arbitrary and capricious," said Gene Eisner, a lawyer with Eisner & Dictor who represented the laid-off professors, and two faculty governance bodies”

A case against Trump is going to trial. Attorneys want a judge to force him to testify.

“The law gives plaintiffs a right to the testimony of every defendant in the case. By our motion today, we have asked the court to secure that right and affirm the principle that no one, including defendant Trump, is above the law,” said Roger J. Bernstein and Benjamin N. Dictor, attorneys for the plaintiffs.

Organizing the Corner: How Williamsburg’s Female Housecleaners Are Fighting for Higher Wages

““Some of the strongest unions in American history started with what people might consider itinerant work,” Dictor says. “People showing up at the dock and waving their hand in the air asking to be picked to unload a ship turned into one of the strongest and most influential unions in the United States. And it’s innovative on the part of this group to look at domestic work as having that potential, as something that has always been here, will always be here, and is an important part of the economy and labor force that has not been organized.””

Dominicana demanda compatriota por explotarla con 57 horas de trabajo y bajo salario desde el 2004

“El abogado de Ortiz, Benjamin Dictor, dijo que Minaya, violó las leyes laborales de Estados Unidos, manteniendo a la empleada en condición de explotada. “Ahora, ella está en las calles tratando de conseguir justicia en los tribunales”, agregó el jurista.”

Trump and security team must face claims of assault on Mexican protesters, judge says

“Bronx Supreme Court Judge Fernando Tapia denied Trump’s motion to dismiss allegations of assault and battery and destruction of property, saying that a jury could find that Trump “authorized and condoned” the guards’ conduct. The case was brought against six defendants, including then-presidential candidate Trump, the Trump Organization and Trump security director Keith Schiller, three months after Trump announced his candidacy.”

Vegan Restauranteur, Wanted For Theft, Tax Fraud, Brought Down By Cheesy Pizza Order

“When paychecks bounced in January 2015, the staff finally refused to work anymore, and the business closed. Dictor, who represents many of those employees, referred to her as "the vegan Bernie Madoff."”

Ellen's Stardust Diner Is Still Serving Drama

“But employees are suggesting the sudden accusation is a retaliation for that class-action lawsuit being brought by Stardust Family United, a group of workers at the restaurant who have never officially sought federal certification as a union, but who are collectively suing Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Their attorney, Ben Dictor, told the Post that these accusations of theft are meant to “chill other people’s participation” in the worker’s lawsuit, which accuses the owner’s of abusing, withholding and wrongfully distributing their tips.”

How Will These New Freelancer Protections Work, Exactly?

“Benjamin Dictor, an attorney with the labor law firm Eisner & Dictor, represents unions and individual workers. He urged anyone who thinks they might qualify to exercise these new rights. "Creative cases can advance the law," he said. "The law might be written by a legislative body, but it is plaintiffs that advance it and develop it. Anyone who thinks that their rights have been violated should seek legal counsel."”

Trump Tower Protesters Subpoena President in Assault Case

“Benjamin Dictor, one of the protesters’ attorneys, told The Daily Beast that the trial subpoena is “self-enforcing” per New York law. “Since we have been told that he plans to disobey [the subpoena] we have filed court papers preemptively,” Dictor said, adding that “disobedience of a valid subpoena is in violation of New York law.””

Harlem restaurant server was sexually harassed on the job and bosses did nothing: lawsuit

14,000 Uber, Lyft Drivers Come Out In Support Of Unionizing

“Labor lawyer Ben Dictor, a partner at the firm Eisner & Associates, explained in an email that while independent contractors lack formal bargaining rights, "becoming a member can give an independent contractor access to benefits and a stronger, collective voice within their industry." He continued: “One could see how this could be particularly useful from an advocacy and industry standards perspective for workers who, like cab drivers, work alone for significant parts of their workday. Joining a union is one way to pool economic and political power to push the industry forward.””

Fired Ellen's Stardust Diner Servers Will Return To Spotlight

“"The right of workers to organize is precious and these inspiring servers fought hard to defend it," the union's lawyer, Benjamin Dictor, told Patch in an email.”

'The struggle has no borders': immigrant workers battle union busting tactics

Trump security guards assaulted protesters on NY sidewalk, lawsuit claims

““Trump may own the building but the sidewalk belongs to the people,” said Benjamin Dictor, a lawyer for the group.”

Review: In ‘The Hand That Feeds,’ Workers Rise Up at a Hot & Crusty

Dirty Dishes: The Laundry Workers Center Aims to Make Another Workplace Cleaner

“The company, Dictor says, is “saber-rattling” that it is going to pull out of mediation because of this week's actions, but he says the workers still want to negotiate. All they want, he says, is for their boss to sit down with them and talk. “The workers have been extending their hand since Day One to seek a negotiated resolution to these issues," Dictor says. "The company has fought them at every turn.””

A Matter of Survival

The film tells the story of how the workers, with the help of Arán, Nastaran Mohit (another LWC organizer), and union lawyer Ben Dictor, move from isolation and resignation to fighting for a union — the Hot and Crusty Workers Association.

Mexicanos llevan delantera a Trump en los tribunales

“El grupo de mexicanos que entabló la querella celebró la decisión de un juez de la Corte Suprema de El Bronx que falló a su favor.”

Fallo a favor de mexicanos que demandaron a Trump

Un mexicano obtiene victoria legal en contra de Donald Trump

“"El juez ha dicho que nuestros clientes van a tener la oportunidad de llevar sus reclamos a la corte y a una prueba enfrente de un jurado del box, pero además Trump personalmente, además su organización y su campaña pueden ser responsables porque Schiller como guardaespaldas de Trump, estaba trabajando para Trump", apunta Lamadrid.”

Inmigrantes de Nueva York demandan a Trump y ganan el “primer round”

Trump no podrá evadir la demanda de unos mexicanos por una agresión de su equipo de seguridad